Agnes Sanford Discovered

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George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Christian counselor with a masters degree from the University of Calgary, 40 years experience and who integrates prayer therapy into his professional counseling practice.

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Agnes Sanford Discovered.

The vicar walked ahead of me to the back of the small church. I had recently returned to my ongoing discovery of God; living abroad and bringing up a young family had rendered me hungry for new direction.

He was an anglican, and I have to admit the liturgical nature of that denomination had left me struggling. He sensed it.

“Have a go at reading this - it might be more your cup of tea.” He smiled as he passed me a small paperback. It was blue and had a white cross on the cover.

It took me a single reading to become an avid follower. I had delved into Hannah Whitall Smith a decade earlier, and was definitely proven as someone who could follow a strict course for a long time, full of faith in the outcome. But the Christian’s Happy Secret had eluded me. The truth was I needed power.

My University degree had included Psychology and so the scientific slant to Agnes’ perspective not only made sense but gave me a great sense of excitement.

It was only days until I had tried her methods out to very good effect. My lovely daughters were squabbling in the room above. As I stood at the kitchen sink, I closed my eyes and envisaged  them playing peacefully. (I think I may have added a short prayer). Within minutes there was peace perfect peace from above.

And you know it worked - every time.

* * *

Working with George Hartwell - a Testimony

I approached the idea of disclosing much of my spiritual life to a complete stranger, found on the internet, with some trepidation.

I had come across a few interesting sites and forums in the short time I had been working up to speed on this revolutionary method of communication. Meeting across the miles via skype was not entirely new. It could be extremely rewarding. I had already made a lovely friend through a novelists site.  But this was counselling/healing ministry/the divulging of secrets.

The reviews and credentials looked good.  So - I gave it a bash, as an ex-piano pupil used to say at the beginning of each lesson.  It was true.  George could not have been easier to talk to. He has come up with insights that I could never have seen myself and dealt with them with gentleness and wisdom.

I find myself looking forward to the next session as one would look forward to meeting with a friend.

* * *

From George Hartwell re Agnes Sanford

Agnes Sanford gave birth to my life in prayer through her book The Healing Light.  I heard her speak in person in the early 1979's at one of her last public teachings.  she spoke at a church in Calgary and my pastor there was a fan of hers.  I obtained the audio tapes and enjoyed listening to her voice for many years after that. 

In this last few years I have have picked up on why she made constant use of the imagination in prayer.  I have experienced the imagination as God's royal door to faith of the heart.  I now make constant use of the imagination in prayer therapy with my clients.



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