Curses and voices in the head

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Curses and voices in the head - a letter asking for help

"I'll start off with how I think it happened.    I had been praying out of a book prayers that route demons and break curses.  I would not recommend this book because not only is there a lot of binding prayers and because the book has tons of prayers praying against the wicked.

"I did pray against some witches and warlocks when I was praying that they be convicted of their sins. 

"I became angry and started praying that 'every prayer they pray gets turned back on themselves'.

"Then I started hearing voices in my head:"You are blotted out the Lamb's book of life!"  Several times I heard this, then I started to hear voices saying "we're taking you down to hell!"  I started closing my eyes because I felt so tired and evil and corrupted.  I started seeing evil spirits talking to me about the sins I'd committed.

"I believe its from people (Christians) praying for my deliverance via prayer.  That's how I believe this started.  I turned to you because I still believe some of this has to do with people (the witches or something) praying against me. 

"I did use the peace bond however it didn't give me complete protection and didn't last very long.  What I did was I wrote "Dear Father, I ask you to judge my case or to assign judges from your heaven to judge my case for me.  Jesus I ask you to plead my case to the Father, and to explain to Him my case and my suffering.  I plead for mercy, and ask you God to give me a peace bond regarding all the people who are tormenting me."

"I also asked Jesus several times throughout the week to "Fight my battle of faith for me".  This is a good prayer, but I did get much opposition from evil forces.

"Last night I spoke with a black woman who goes to my church who is experienced in deliverance.  I asked her if there's anyway for a Christian to have evil people praying curses and stuff against me.  She said "Yes, if you accept them."

"That night I confessed every sin which opened doors to this stuff and repented.  I did get temporary freedom from voices, but had nightmares again as usual.

"So what I want to ask is how am I supposed to be free of these voices?  Its getting hard and I want to get back at them even though I forgive them and repent.  Please help, nobody believes me.

Your situation is complicated by the many possible sources of curses and the many ways you may have opened yourself to spiritual assault by your own actions.  It is not complicated to Jesus who is your victory and Deliverer.

Answer from (George)

Your situation is complicated by the many possible sources of curses and the many ways you may have opened yourself to spiritual assault by your own actions.  It is not complicated to Jesus who is your victory and Deliverer.

1.  Remember that God inhabits the praises of His people and, therefore, there is great deliverance in affirming who God is through statements of praise and worship.

2.  Remember that Satan also love to inhabit our praises and is empowered by the attention we give him.  That is why it is wise not to throw him a lot of energy through attention focused on him.

3.  Although it may be true that every curse that does not succeed will turn back against the sender, it is putting you in the wrong energy and intention to wish it back.  You lose your godly protection when you turn to revenge.  Spiritual shields drop when we take up arms ourselves.  God backs away since we are playing God.

4.  Yes evil people and good people can send curses against you and it is no simple matter of not receiving them that will stop their power.  Why else did Jesus say we were accountable for every word we spoke?  It is because our words are spiritual and have power.  Our prayers are spiritual and have power. 

5.  When a Christian prays their own idea of what is good for someone, it can be a controlling prayer and be a biding force on them.  We must recognize this and cut it off in the name of Jesus.

6.  Similarly when an evil person speaks a curse or spell against us it has power that we must recognize and take authority over in the name of Jesus.

7.  When we pray wrongfully against stuff we open ourselves up to it and darkness gets access.  When we pray against and bind a prince of the air - something no one in the Bible ever did - it gets access right into our life.  Bad stuff.  We need to repent of that stuff.


The "Jesus in Between" Prayer

I have used the Jesus in Between prayer in an article on breaking curses or Deliverance from Curses.   As I describe prayers for breaking of a curse my step two is Jesus in Between.  What I say there is: Invite Jesus into this picture between you and the one you suspect of sending a spell or curse.  Pray: "Jesus I invite you to step in between me and this one.  Break any ungodly connection or unhealthy soul tie between me and them."  From

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