Dealing with African Witchcraft

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Dealing with African Witchcraft

African witchcraft demands sacrifices of those who want its power.  You might 'join' this group by talking to a witchdoctor and telling them what you want to have in your life.  You might want to gain and maintain power.  You might want great wealth.

A condition of 'joining' or agreeing to work with them on this is that you will be told in a dream what you must sacrifice.  You have no option once you are into this covenant.  You must make this sacrifice even if it is to sacrifice your eldest child. 

Antidote to this sacrifice if made within your family line:  

1.To reverse a sacrificial commitment made by yourself or your family line you will want to intercede (petition for the forgiveness of sin by your family) asking for forgiveness based on Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.

2.Place the claim of the blood covenant with Jesus over the claim of the sacrificial offering by your family.  Jesus - the sinless, perfect Lamb of God, who voluntarily laid down his life for us - is a higher and more powerful sacrifice.

3.Therefore, renounce the covenant with the group doing witchcraft and affirm your covenant with The family of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

4.Claim this covenant through water baptism or a reaffirmation of your water baptism through which you enter into the covenant with the Lamb of God.

5.Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit - 'the Gift of the Father,' is what Jesus called it.  The Holy Spirit in you cannot be destroyed.

6.Through fasting discover and confess any sins in your life and break their hold so that you can draw near to God.

7.Invoke (name or call upon) God with Proclamation Praise.  Praise the names of God.  Especially name God as related to your need.  Thank Him for being your Provider and Protector.  Thank Jesus for being our Victory and Good Shepherd.  His presence begins to manifest as we so praise and His presence is the 'anointing that breaks the yoke.'

Antidote to Use in Voodoo of Your Clothing or Something Making a Connection to You

Many types of witchcraft like to have something from your body (hair, blood or fingernail), clothing or a photo to make a connection with you.  This connection is used in voodoo dolls for example.

Antidote to the witch having your clothing, some hair or a photo, etc.:

1.Nullify (make ineffective) their having something to connect with you by withdrawing the connection of your spirit from that object.

2.Say, "I withdraw my spirit from that object.  I break any identification I have with this object or any object they hold."

3.Picture Jesus in Between you and whatever they possess of yours.  Ask Jesus to break any soul tie between you and whatever they hold.  Ask Jesus to break any way they can use that object to track you or curse you.

4.Ask to be 'Hidden in Christ.'  Being 'Hidden in Christ' then dark powers cannot easily find you or your supply lines.

Generational Transmission of Demons and Curses

There may be generational transmission of demons, curses or covenants with witchcraft.  These generational issues include the following:

1.Curses against previous generations that are coming down the generations.

2.Demons that infiltration earlier generations that 'refuse to die' but move to another family member at death by "Transference of Spirits."  They bring some problem or illness with them.  They transfer across 'soul ties' to the one most attached to the deceased.  (Unless one prays protection and forbids the transference of spirits in Jesus' name.)

3.Covenants or agreements entered into by previous generations.

4.Sins committed by previous generations (idolatry) and the consequences being felt for 3 or 4 generations.

Antidote to generational transmission of sin, curse, demons or witchcraft covenants:

1.Sin in the family line is dealt with, first of all, by confession of sin.  Confess on behalf of your family as a member, "Father we have sinned against you and your holiness, your love and giving us all that we need by ----name of sins ---."

2.Please forgive us and cleans us from all sin with the blood of Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, who washes us of the stain of sin with his blood.  Wash us and cleanse us.

3.If you are familiar with the use of Holy Spirit Imagination in prayer than picture the Experience of Forgiveness Scene where you meet with Jesus and ask Him if the family sin has been forgiven.

4.Use the Jesus in Between Prayer placing Jesus in between you and parents, between parents and grandparents and so on for 3 or 4 generations.  Claim this to break soul ties and the transference of demons, curses and sins.  The cross of Jesus is the stopping place and he is the Door of the Sheep.

5.Pray for the Family Tree (picture family as a large tree).  First of all that the blood of Jesus would flow through the blood lines cleaning away all sin.  Second that Jesus would shake the tree and get rid of all 'black birds' (domons) who have been nested there.  And invite the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow through the family tree and the Gentle Dove to settle down in the Family Tree.

6.Ask and believe for every opening in the spirit that should not be open to be shut down by Jesus, locked shut with the keys that no man can open and seal with the Blood of Jesus.

7.Pray to be Hidden in Christ, you and your immediate family and your supply lines.  Hidden in Christ meaning that the natural protection of God is thee so the powers of darkness can not easily discover you and what is doing for you and, therefore, is not able to interfere.

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