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How to break a curse with 'Jesus in Between"

- Using a Christian Inner Healing prayer against Curses,  Spells and witchcraft

How to break a curse is by George Hartwell M.Sc. © 2009

 George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Christian counselor with a masters degree from the University of Calgary, 40 years experience and who integrates prayer therapy into his professional counseling practice.  To learn all About George or his professional practice see: George's Professional web site, Christian marriage counselling, Christian phone therapy, and Christian Marriage Retreats.  To e-mail George click on:

Why to Use Jesus in Between to Break a Curse

A curse directed at us does harm to us unless we recognize and take authority over the curse and the oppression it causes.  This pray is directed at the curse itself and asks Jesus to be a Shield between us and the person cursing.  Other prayers break off demonic oppression that might be caused by a curse.  Some prayers cleanse one's household of the dark presence of evil brought on by the curses (and that cause irritation and anger in the household.)

Negative prayer directed at us does harm.  Hostile words spoken against us can harm our spirit.  The force of evil released in these ways is real.  Harm will be done if we do not act.

To defend against a curse, against negative prayer, against negative words requires us to recognize what is happening.  Then we need to act.  Recognize that you are in a war (but not at war).  Time to join the battle, but with wisdom.  Foolishness abounds - so-called 'spiritual warfare' by binding everything in sight.  Foolishness kills.  

Failure to recognize the curse and, therefore, failure to block is leaves you a sitting duck.  You can and will get harmed in your ignorance and passivity.  Health, wealth, family property and loved ones can be effected.  Your supply lines from God are under attack.  Through the curse, you have lost the protection of being hidden in Christ.  See: Protection from Curses - a Christian Perspective.  Foolishness abounds - those who say 'no curse will be effective against a Christian.'  I wish.

Anyone sending a curse will also get harmed as God's flow in their life is also shut off.  Whenever you hold the desire in your heart to get back at another, to harm them, to make them feel pain, to get revenge you are not of God's Spirit and you lose protection.  Repenting of hatred and revenge is necessary to break a curse and restore protection.  Listen to what Jesus says: "Pray for those who curse you."

Recognize in order to Break a curse

Sometimes there is a lot of intuition and discernment in recognizing a curse.   On a short term basis - one day - you may sense the oppression (heaviness) on your life.  Things just seem to go wrong.  You are irritable.  You think: "Could what I am experiencing be the result of a curse?"  Curses may cause one to be under demonic harassment and oppression.

If you haven't prayed for protection that day it is time to stop and do it.  Only now add a specific statement taking authority over any curse in Jesus name.  I use "I cut off any curse coming against me in Jesus name."  See this page for a large variety of Christian protection prayers: How to pray for protection.

Sometimes you have a pretty clear idea of who is cursing you and why.  Sometimes you don't.  

Use of Jesus in Between in Prayer Therapy to Remove a Curse

Focus on Jesus.  Picture him coming between you and the person or group launching the curse.  Declare Jesus your protective Good Shepherd.  (See 23rd Psalm).  Ask him to be Your Shield.  (Picture a shield all the way around you.)

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Remember that Jesus said to pray a blessing for those that curse you.  Think of ways you are grateful for that person.  Bless what God wants to do in their life.  Bless the work of the Holy Spirit in their life.  (Remember not to use controlling prayers even in blessing.)

Why I Do Not Use "Binding" Prayer in Removing a Curse

Because of the problems I have had in the past doing "binding" type spiritual warfare, I do not bind the curse, the person sending the curse or any demon associated with the curse.  This is a personal preference that I have.   

To often when I used "binding" prayers it represented my power drive and my arrogance.  I was deeply 'burnt' and I have seen others burnt when using "binding" spiritual warfare type prayers.

I now understand that controlling prayer and binding prayer are too close to unhealthy 'witchcraft.'  The attitude behind it too arrogant and prideful.  In good conscience I can not teach this, do not use this, and avoid partnering with those that do. 

Why Not to Curse - Biblical teaching by Jesus 

Jesus was not pleased (not amused) when James and John asked permission to call down fire upon Samaritan villages that snubbed (did not offer hospitality to) Jesus.  "Wrong!" said Jesus.  Wrong attitude!  "You do not know what spirit will express through you in that curse."  Curses are not of God, do not represent His loving nature.

Jesus said to bless those that curse us.   Why?  So we can have the same spirit as the heavenly Father - love not hate.

Hate acts just like a curse - Biblical teaching of Jesus

Jesus is the one who said: "But I say to you whoever is angry with his brother without a cause is in danger of the judgment."  Matthew 5:22.  This introduces another source of cursing.  You can be effected by someone who hates you!  This too must be recognized and then take authority over it in Jesus name.  "I cut off this hate directed against me in Jesus name." See, for example, Psalm 118:12.

Another detailed discussion of Types of Curses is found on

When a passionate person of strong will speaks with intensity against me I feel it.  When they speak with deep hostility because I have triggered their hatred; I feel it.  In my spirit it feels like being hit with a big stick.

When such a person speaks of harm they wish to happen to someone who has triggered their temper it may well happen.  That is how a curse works.

Joan was intensely displeased with her husband Rocky.  He had been unfaithful.  As he went off to work she said, with intensity, "I hope you get hit by a train."

Rocky drove truck.  That day as he backed into a warehouse he crossed some railroad tracks in this industrial area.  When his cab was crossing the tracks, Rocky looked to his left and there was a railroad car coming right at him.  It hit Rocky's truck!  (He managed to escape by quickly shifting into the passenger seat.)

Curses are like that.  Someone speaks evil, negative or harmful things with intensity and passion.  Such words spoken with negative energy can make bad things happen.  Jesus said they were like murder.

It is for this reason that the Bible says that life and death are in the words we speak.  It is why Jesus says we stand accountable for the words of our mouth.

Curses and Prayers operate by Faith

This all make perfect sense if you understand the prayer of faith.  Jesus explained the principle that what we speak with our mouth from a believing heart does move mountains.  (Mark 11)  In other words, a curse is like a prayer.  The same principles are at work; one works for good and the other for evil.

The  Power of Faith Puzzles Psychologists

Psychology has puzzled over experiments where effects are observed with no other explanation but the belief of a person involved in the experiment.  Teachers may be told that a few of their students are expected to "take off" this year.  They do.  Belief alone has power.  In psychology it is called "The Pygmalion Effect." 

This is also known as the self-fulfilling prophecy.  The power of a manager's expectations of people, as a key factor in how well people perform at work, cannot be overestimated. Articles examine how the negative effect can be broken (just like curses).

How to Break a Curse is by © George Hartwell M.Sc. 2009, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  Phone (416) 234-1850.  Long distance to enquire about professional services: 1 (877) 854-3990.
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What about God's curses against us?

This is a whole different topic.  When God declares a curse on your life you are going to want to find out why; make things right and get back on the way of life - on the path of God's blessing.  Look up curses and blessings in the Bible.

The curse is effective because God has spoken and His word is effective.  God's word does not return void.  God speaks and things happen.

I would remove God's curse by saying I am sorry and meaning it.  By turning away from evil and sin (the way of death) and turning back to the way of life.

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