How do spells, curses and voodoo work?

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How do Spells, curses, voodoo work

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The modern mind does not think demons or evil spirits exist.  From a scientific or materialistic position they cannot exist because this viewpoint does not recognize the presence and significance of the spiritual dimension.  It is in the spiritual dimension that curses work.  Curses release demons to attack a person.  The demonic attack can effect the person's spirit, mind, and body. 

When a demon attack mind of spirit it is felt as an oppressing presence.  This oppression (demonic harassment) can  lead to depression and to fear.  These demons can inject disturbing (causes fear and confusion) thoughts and images into one's mind.  Demons may cause pain and or sickness in one's body. 

 You can break this appression by recongizing your authority to do so.  You resisting whenever the demon manifests; by knowing that God is in you and greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.  1 John 4:4 says that we overcome 'because he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world'.  You go into prayer and you take authority against any manifestation of this demon.  Do this repeatedly until all of this oppression is gone.

These demons are released against one by another's use of witchcraft, hateful words, slander, by one's hateful attitude and even by negative and controlling 'Christian' prayer.  This energy is negative and destructive.  Oppression from curses is caused by the release of demons against the target Christian.  The oppression may be an expression of hatred for Christians.  The darkness within such a person will recognize the light of Christ within a Christian.  Such persons may take devilish delight in sending demon spirits to attack Christians.  (Leanne Payne, Heaven's Calling, page 102.)  Jesus said that our 'hatred without a cause' is like murder.  IT is a powerful negative - read evil - force.

But the motive to hurt, destroy, murder can be expressed in negative words of slander and destructive gossip.  The energy is the same as that in a curse against someone.  Hate expressed in insults hurled against a person is abuse; is sin.  Hate is murderous energy however it is expressed.  this too, can cause oppression to the sender and to the one who is the target of the hatred.  It will have a binding effect on both parties unless recognized and one takes authority over it.

In addition to taking authority of oppression I like to break curses directly with some prayers that I use in inner healing.  In particular I draw your attention to breaking a curse by the use of verbal and imaginative inner healing prayer of Jesus in between as the shield between the person(s) cursing and the target(s) of the curse.

For more about the definition of a curse see the article "What is a Curse?  How to define a Curse."

2.  The Effects of Curses

A curse is a force of evil operating in a spiritually tangible way that can be noticed in very real effects.  There will be losses, illness and death of some manifestation of these.  Accidents happen.  Jobs are lost.  Things go missing.  We lose our temper.  We lose our peace.  We lose communion with God.  We lose guidance and protection.

It is important for the recipient of hate, slander, curses to take authority over this evil force.  Like the writer of Psalm 118 you cut them off like bees.  "I cut off any curse, hatred, slander or negative prayers in the name of Jesus.  I ask for God to protect as I forgive.  May Jesus be my shield.  I put Jesus in between me and the one cursing me."

3.   Daily Prayers of Protection in General

It is important to pray daily for protection.  For this see: Daily Prayer of Protection from Agnes Sanford and How to pray for protection

Here is one example of a short Prayer of Protection: "I sign myself with the sign of the cross, cover myself with the blood of Jesus and surround myself with God's holy presence so nothing can get through to hurt me in Jesus' name. Amen."

4.   Daily Prayer of Protection from Curses

Next you need to do a daily prayer of protection from curses.  Curses don't just go away.  You need to be active not passive.  You want to be active without getting into unsafe prayers.  When sensing that you are under attack from a curse or know it is possible, then use a daily prayer of protection.

For a good daily prayer of protection from curses I suggest: "In Jesus name I cut off any curse coming against me or my loved ones."  (  This is taken from Psalm 118:110 which reflects what David said when confronting Goliath "I come against you in the name of Yahweh (the LORD) Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel." 

For more on this see: Protection from Curses - a Christian Perspective.

5.  How to Break a Curse using "Jesus in Between"

In the "Jesus in Between" prayer you ask Jesus to come in between you and the person or persons who are the known or liekly source of the curse and the demonic oppression.   

The "Jesus in Between" Prayer is very effective in deliverance, blocking curses, stopping transference of spirits and cutting soul ties. 

It happened shortly after Jean's friend John died.  Shortly after that Jean found that she had a "spirit of gluttony." She remembered that John had a tendency to gluttony.  I had heard of 'transference of spirits' and my theory was that an evil spirit in John had transferred to Jean.  I asked Jean to listen as I prayed and then report what happened.  I prayed for Jesus to be in between John and Jean as a stopping place; that Jesus in between Jean and John would shield Jean from any transference of spirits from John to Jean.  The result was very real for Jean.  She could picture Jesus in between her and John.  She felt protected.  She repjorted that any feeling of gluttony had left completely.

For more about how to break off specific curse see: How to break a curse - a Christian Perspective using the Jesus in Between in Prayer Therapy method to remove a curse.

6.  Questions and Answers - a specific case

A man writes: Pastors and leaders of church prayed for my healing, but nothing seem to help, until I told myself that I am cursed and only God can save me. I prayed and God managed to heal my body. I truly believe that my ex-wife and family did something and is still trying to see my downfall. Every action of theirs seems to throw me off my purpose in life. I do not want to hate her, but forgive her and show her that life is not about revenge or hatred. I need some advice on how to free myself from this curse that is put on my head and to live as God wants me to live and to find my purpose in life. Only God can free me and I need to protect myself from the curses that were brought onto me.  Please give me some advice or daily prayers to heal and protect me from this evil that was put on my head.

  1. I suggest daily prayers of protection including the phrase: "In Jesus name I cut off any curse coming against me." 

  2. I suggest prayer asking Jesus to come between you and those sending this curse.  "Jesus I ask you to be my Good Shepherd and Protector and be my Shield.  I place you between me and my ex-wife and anyone else joining her in cursing me.  I do not ask for revenge upon them but I do ask for protection from their curses."  This prayer is done with a picture of Jesus in between you and them (in your imagination.)

  3. In terms of revenge (which you are right not to pray for) you could pray like this.  Jesus I put them in your hands.  If they are working evil and not acting according to your will, I ask you to deal with them.  If it be your will then, as the psalmist might say, may they fall into the traps that they have set for me.   You deal with them.  God, you be my protector and avenger.

  4. Better, though, that you pray as Jesus taught, blessings upon those that curse you.  That the Holy Spirit would lead them in the paths of life, love and God.

  5. Daily thank God for being your Protector, Provider and Healer.

7.   Another example of breaking a Curse

A Christian woman was under attack at her workplace.  She did not know it but several of the staff did not want her in the position she held.  These persons were cursing her and she had a severe headache as a result.  She did not know it was a curse.  In the office of one of the perpetrators she cried out to Jesus for relief from the severe pain.  Then she noticed that the woman at ther desk suddenly grasped her head in  pain.  It was clear to her and me that the curse sent against her did a "return to sender."  That was a major clue to her that they were using curses against her and that explained why she was finding working there so hard.

After she learned to pray for protection from curses the suspected perpetrators left or were removed from their position.

8.      Curse from an ex-spouse who got deep into occult arts

A lady call regarding three years of difficulty related to a curse from an ex-spouse who said he was putting a curse on her and her mother.  I covered regular daily prayers of protection including "I cut off any curse coming against me or my mother in Jesus name."  We went through the "Jesus in Between Prayer." 

The woman had needed to get a peace bond against this man.  He has also been in prison at one point.  I remembered that the story of the persistent widon on Luke 18 could be interpreted as a request for a peace bond from heaven.  This is an appeal to God as the just judge to put in place a porm of spiritual protection equivalnt to a peace bond.  See the article Breaking a Curse by Praying for a Peace Bond.

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