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Protection from Curses - a Christian Perspective

 by George Hartwell M.Sc. Christian counselor (  

If you want protection, if you really know how important it is, then ask for it with urgency and gratitude.  Receive it with thanksgiving.  Draw pictures of it with words and imagination.

All spiritual action operates as you believe and trust.  God's protecting power operates as you believe and trust.  You can signify that protection by a statement of thanks and gratitude to God.  "Thank you Heavenly Father for being our Provider and Portector."

God puts a shield around your heart to shield you from destructive influences.  Soul destroying influences are shut out, you are protected from evil to the degree that you believe God can do this; to the degree that you accept it; and to the degree you can see with your heart that it is so.  Imagine a clear protective shield around you deflecting curses.  (One condition for heart protection:  you must be in a forgiving attitude toward the other, in other words you able to say sincerely from your heart: "I have no intention of hurting this person."

Holiness - living and receiving life and love and healing from God - brings its own protection.  The man who walks in holiness is surrounded by the light and presence of God.  Ask and picture God's light and presence dispelling all forces of darkness or evil no matter what form they take.  Declare: "I surround myself with the light and presence of God" while making a circle motion around your body with your hands.

Protection from Curses - By Taking Authority over Curses

"In Jesus name I cut off any curse coming against me or my loved ones."

When you detect the heaviness, oppression or 'things going wrong' of being under a curse, you may need more heavy artillary prayers.  The general prayers of protection may not be enough.  Continue daily prayers of protection and add some other prayers.  At this point you need more than daily general prayers of protection. 

Now you need to take authority and specifically cut off any curse coming against you in Jesus name.  Pray like this: "I cut off any curse coming against me in Jesus name."

In this way you are recognizing active curses and are taking active authority against them.  

Draw near to God and take authority to break off demonic oppression and curses.

Jesus has the victory.  We need to Believe, Recieve and Perceive it.

Why is it that Christians turn to others to pray for them or to break off curses?  We know Jesus has the victory.  Well let's fight for that victory in our own lives not turn to this responsibility over to others.


  The victory is not in our prayers it is in Jesus.  Jesus is our victory.

  The victory is not in some special 'prayer warrior.'  Jesus is our victory.

  Don't disobey scripture and turn to psychics.  Jesus is our victory.

  Don't use witchcraft to stop witchcraft.  Jesus is our victory.

  Don't curse those who curse you.  Jesus is our victory.

  Learn to turn to Jesus.  Jesus is our victory.

Don't be fooled.  Our words have real power - and act just like curses!

1.  First of all, what comes out of our mouth reflects the (evil) content of our heart.  Luke 6:45.

2.  Secondly, our energy - the energy of life, love and God - must flow from our lives and that means blessing (an act of love) not cursing (an act of hate).  Luke 6:28.

3.  Our very nature (sons of the Most High) is expressed in words and acts that reflect the merciful nature of God.  Luke 6:27-36.

4.  Our salvation (living in the loving forgiveness of God) seems to be hinged upon our remaining in a forgiving attitude toward others.  Mark 11:25

5.  Jesus admonition to be forgiving follows immediately after a teaching on the power of the spoken word. Mark 11:22-24.

6.  How we are judged is linked to the words of our mouth which reveal the thoughts and intents of our heart.  Matthew 12:35-37.

7.  Jesus even identifies words spoken with hateful and evil intent (verbal abuse) as a form of murder and warns that judgment follows.  Matthew 5:21-22.  Jesus, I believe, knows the dangerous power for evil of hateful thoughts spoken out of the human mouth - of curses.

Special Warning to those with a Prophetic-type Gifting.

Those with prophetic-like gifting need to be especially careful about the words out of your mouth.  You have no idea how powerful those words are. 

If you, and your family, have a habit of speaking negative, complaining then be very careful to bring your tongue under submission to God.  Stop the negative talk.  Speak blessings, Jesus says, even to those who abuse you.

When employed make it your mission to enhance the wisdom, health and financial flow of the owners and managers of your work place.  Just like in the Babylonian captivity, bless the place you are captive in.  Like Daniel make it your mission to bring your gifts to bear on this workplace.  Like Joseph be a blessing even if you are in prison.

Curses may cause one to come under oppression.

Yes, when someone curses you it feels like you are demonized.  Curses may cause one to come under oppression.  You feel under heavy oppression.  This may be demonic harassment and oppression and it may have been caused by a curse.    See my article on Oppression from Curses, Spells and Voodoo.  Look for the prayer called "Jesus in Between."  That is a powerful prayer. 

I have just written an article about the use of prayer for a heavenly peace bond to break curses.

by George Hartwell M.Sc. © 2010 (416) 234-1850 (About George - professional therapist, Professional-practice-home

Testimony by e-mail (with permission): Hi, this is Anna. I e-mailed you many months ago asking you for your guidance and ways to pray to break  free from what I felt were negative energies around me and my boyfriend and our relationship. I wrote to you about my concerns and you replied and told me how to pray. You said I had to pray my daily protection prayer, along with the the prayer to protect from all curses. Reason why I am writing this to you now is, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to pray effective prayers that changed my life around, and I truly mean it. Things have been going to wonderfully great between me and my boyfriend. We have in this past few months moved so much forward in our relationship and have gotten passed our difficult times and are now only focused on how to make things even better for us. From the day you showed me how to pray, I began praying exactly the way you told me to every single day and still do and will continue to. These prayers have truly been a miracle and I have in the past few years have experienced the power of prayers when my mom got sick but thank God her health is completely restored now and I watched one miracle after another happen as I prayed every day and night. A very good friend of mine showed me how to pray real prayers of healing and we watched it come true day after day as we both prayed together and on our own for my mom's health to be restored. Without taking further of your time, I just want to thank you once again for what you have made happen in my life and in my relationship with my boyfriend by showing how to pray effectively. Thank you, I am forever grateful to you.

Here is how the initial discussion went in part.

Ann:  One week ago as I was doing research on the internet on how to break a curse through prayer, I kept coming across your site and it caught my attention for some reason from the other sites. I have for this past one week been going on your site and applying the information you have given for breaking a curse. However, I feel I might not be doing something right and can use guidance. So, I ask you to please if you can help me break  free from what I believe is a curse that has been put on me and my boyfriend. 

Long story short, he believes it has to do with a female in his family who has for the past 6 or 7 years always has with negative, untrue comments has caused a serious argument with his past partners. I have met this female family member on 2 occasions and I stand by what he says 100% because without any cause she acts very negative towards me as well, ignores me and avoids saying hello to me when she sees me. Can you please help us. We have been trying to get our relationship back to normal but we have not had much luck and we both want this relationship very much but as two adults we both know physical part of the relationship is of big importance for a healthy relationship. Please give us guidance and help us break this curse, if any, which we believe there is, having to do with people from our past. Mine, I believe came from my ex husband, who had so much negative influence from his mother. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you can help us some how.

George:  Ok, Is there reason to believe any of the people mentioned are using witchcraft, voodoo or such?  Or are you more dealing very negative attitudes on behalf of some people?

Ann:  I would say both, negative attitudes have been certainly directed towards both of us continuously. In my case my ex husband was an extremely controlling and negative person and I was with him for 6yrs, of which 3yrs we were married. I could not even go any where with my mom or to even visit her more than once, at the most twice a week and no more than 1 hour. Once I went to visit my grandmother for an hour who was ill and when I got home he got so mad at me, the entire night he would not let it go because he saw no reason for me to visit her, when I could have stayed home and cleaned the house instead.  (and more)

George:  Ann, you gave a lot more information, and, in summary, I agree with you that the two characters would be a source of bad energy.  His sister may also be using some forms of witchcraft.

The important biblical statement is that rebellion is as witchcraft.  Witchcraft is often a response to unhealthy domination (the misuse of power by a parent or the church).  It is a 'rebellion' in that sense.  The person turns away from trust in God and healthy living to forms of control that are ungodly - in this case, sister's use of sex and your husbands strange twisted domination of you and favoring of his mother.

This stuff is twisted and might well involve powerful "negative energies" that you need to shield yourself from and cut yourself off from using some of the methods outlined on my articles about this.

By the way: this means daily prayers of protection and cutting off until things clear.  A prayer of protection from curses or breaking off curses is outlined in this article: "Protection from curses - a Christian Perspective."

George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Christian counselor with a masters degree in clinical psychology and 30 years experience in private practice.  To learn all About George or his professional practice see: George's Professional web site, Christian marriage counselling, Christian phone therapy, and Christian Marriage Retreats.  To e-mail George click on:

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