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Re: your article on dealing with African Witchcraft

Dear George,

"My husband, son , and myself have been suffering for years from witchcraft from my husband's sister.  She is using clothing, money of ours to carving a demonic looking devil in our wood flooring. She took our underwear , placed a penny in a jar of olive oil which I recently found in a cupboard I always have used. When my husband talks to her on the phone I suffer mentally afterwards. I found a brown piece of paper with stick figures and reference to our private parts to stop functioning on it. 

A lady trying to help us had us do a bath then take pictures it was mind blowing to see all of the demonic stuff on these pictures we know they were not fixed. We took them ourselves.  So what do you think?"

My response re an attack of voodoo-type witchcraft.  More about Voodoo.

You do well to consult my article on dealing with African Witchcraft especially what I say about breaking the connection between yourself and any of your belongings.  I deal with it in that article and I say:

Many types of witchcraft like to have something from your body (hair, blood or fingernail), clothing or a photo to make a connection with you.  This connection is used in voodoo dolls for example.

Here is a Ten Step Antidote to the witch having your clothing, some hair or a photo.  Do this daily until all oppression and bad luck lifts.

George's Ten Step Antidote to Voodoo Cursing on a Family

1.  Nullify (make ineffective) their having something to connect with you by withdrawing the connection of your spirit from that object.  Pray as follows: "I withdraw our spirit from any clothing, money or other things of ours that she has.  I break any identification we have with any possessions of ours that she holds.  I cut off, in Jesus name, my spirit and my identity from these objects and break any connection between us and these objects so they can no longer be used to curse us in any way."

2.  Picture Jesus in between you and whatever they possess of yours.  Ask Jesus to break any soul tie between you and whatever they hold.  Ask Jesus to break any way they can use that object to track you or curse you.

3.  Prayers of protection:  I sign myself with the sign of the cross of Jesus in the name of the Father, and the son, and the Holy Spirit.  I claim the covering protection of the blood covenant with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I see myself surrounded with God's holy radiant love and life which becomes an armour of light around me and my family so no curse can get through to hurt us or our property or supply lines.

4.  Picture this protection in your mind's eye and thank God for it.

5.  Prayer of authority against the curses.  Pray, "I take authority, in Jesus name, to cut off and nullify any curse coming against me or my family, our property of supply lines."

6.  Picture Jesus in between you and the source of the curses coming against you and your family.  Ask Jesus to break any soul tie between you and this person.  Ask Jesus to be a shield to block any curses coming from this person against you or your family.  Thank Him for being your Good Shepherd.

7.  Prayer of authority against the supply lines to the worker of iniquity - the one doing voodoo witchcraft.  Pray, "I take authority, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, against the supply lines of dark, evil or demonic power being used by (my husband's sister or anyone else) against me and my family.  May God arise and the enemy be scattered.  May no weapon forged against us prosper.  May the supply lines of demonic power generated by any and every curse spoken against us be broken so these curses have no more power against us.

8.  Picture Jesus and His angels blocking the demons from listening to the witch, from understanding her, from obeying her.  They become confused and rebellious against their orders.  They do not listen to her.

9.  Ask to be 'Hidden in Christ.'  Being 'Hidden in Christ' means that dark powers cannot easily find you or your supply lines.  Being hidden means you do not try to attack Satan or the demons directly nor do you attack or try to curse the person who is cursing you.  You must trust God to defend you while you forgive them and bless them.

10.  Picture God's love, God's Spirit, God's abundant life, the living waters from Jesus flowing into your life and flowing out to others.  Become radiant sources of God's life, love and light.  Beam that life, love and light toward your husband's sister and picture her becoming filled with God's life, love and light.

The "Jesus in Between" Prayer

How to break a curse with "Jesus in Between" is described in more detail in an aritcle on this site called How to break a curse with 'Jesus in Between' - a Christian Perspective on breaking Curses and Spells.

Also, I have described the "Jesus in Between" prayer in breaking curses or Deliverance from Curses.  What I say there is: Invite Jesus into this picture between you and the one you suspect of sending a spell or curse.  Pray: "Jesus I invite you to step in between me and this one.  Break any ungodly connection or unhealthy soul tie between me and them."  This is on www.HealMyLife.com.

This is my permission for non-commercial use given proper internet reference with link back to this site.

More about George Hartwell on: www.HealMyLife.com.  I offer phone counseling as well as regular individual and couple counselling sessions.

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