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George Hartwell M.Sc. is a Christian counselor with a masters degree from the University of Calgary, 40 years experience and who integrates prayer therapy into his professional counseling practice. 
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How to pray protection against Transference of spirits. by G. Hartwell

How to pray protection against Transference of spirits is by George Hartwell M.Sc. © 2011

Introduction to Curses and How to Break a Curse is by George Hartwell © 2010.

Transference of Spirits and Alex Ness

Alex Ness, a respected figure in the Pentecostal Movement, wrote a whole book devoted to and called "transference of spirits."  He took the topic seriously.  He believed that transference of spirits lead to the division of one church and almost another.  He believed transference of spirits could have blocked his evangelical outreach in Africa if he did not confront the problem.

Transference of Spirits and Leanne Payne

A young woman at the altar at the front of the church, received anointed with oil and healing prayer from Leanne Payne.  Previously, the young woman had severe abdominal pains and has seen many physicians but received no help.  She was released from the pain from the prayers at the altar but, immediately, a woman in the service screamed with pain.  Leanne Payne discerned that the demon causing the pain in the first woman had simply transferred over to the other woman who was standing around chatting rather than staying in prayer when altar ministry was going on.

After calling a halt to the casual visiting in the sanctuary, prayer for the second woman saw her released as well.  One needs to be careful and stay in a prayer attitude where ministry is going on. From: Leanne Payne, Heaven's Calling © 2008, Baker Books, page 2006.

Transference of Spirits and Peter Horrobin

Peter Horrobin teaches about the relationship of deliverance to physical healing.  One of his books is called: "Healing through Deliverance."  He teaches, from his experience with the deliverance ministry, that upon the death of a family member the spirits in the deceased often transfers over to the family member that is closest to the deceased.   

His caution is to avoid touching the deceased; pray walls of protection between you and the deceased family member.  I would suggest that we use the "Jesus in Between" prayer both for protection from transference and for the cutting of unhealthy soul ties between us and the deceased.

How to use Jesus in Between to Stop or Break Transference of Sspirits.

I discovered the "Jesus in Between" Prayer for the transference of spirits when helping a young man called 'Jim.'  Jim was very close to a man who had died recently.  Ever since the man's death Jim had struggled with a spirit of Gluttony.  He wanted me to help him break this gluttony.

When he shared that the man who dies had a gluttony problem and that Jim was very close to the deceased, I knew we had to cut the soul ties between him and the deceased.  I had Jim picture the two of them together and then had him invite Jesus in to that picture.  He did this. 

Then I told him to ask Jesus to step in between him and the deceased.  He did this as well.  I prayed that Jesus in between them would act as protection form transference of spirits.  He did this.

I also asked Jim to ask Jesus to cut any unhealthy soul ties between him and the deceased.  This he was able to do as well.  After this he immediately sensed that the gluttony was gone.

More about the "Jesus in Between" Prayer

I have used the Jesus in Between prayer in an article on breaking curses or Deliverance from Curses.   As I describe prayers for breaking of a curse my step two is Jesus in Between.  What I say there is: Invite Jesus into this picture between you and the one you suspect of sending a spell or curse.  Pray: "Jesus I invite you to step in between me and this one.  Break any ungodly connection or unhealthy soul tie between me and them."  From

In an aritcle on this site - - called How to break a curse with 'Jesus in Between' - A Christian Perspective on breaking Curses and Spells.  Under the subheading 'Use of Jesus in Between in Prayer Therapy to Remove a Curse' give the following instructions:

  1. Focus on Jesus.

  2. Picture him coming between you and the person or group launching the curse.
  3. Declare Jesus your protective Good Shepherd.  (See 23rd Psalm).
  4. Ask him to be Your Shield.
  5. Picture a shield all the way around you.

The "Jesus in Between" prayer is very powerful and can be used for many purposes:

  1. transference of spirits,

  2. breaking off verbal abuse,
  3. breaking curses,
  4. resisting witchcraft,
  5. cutting soul ties including through sexual laisons,
  6. breaking off soul ties of domination which lead to alcoholism.

In my article on the use of listening prayer to deal with alcoholism is make use of the "Jesus in Between" prayer.  Here are the instructions:

  1. We used this prayer to symbolically break mother's domination of Bill.

  2. He portrayed the domination by picturing mother's hand upon his head.
  3. Then we invited Jesus to come in between Bill and his mother.
  4. The Holy Spirit then allowed Bill to imagine Jesus intervening.  Jesus moved Bill away from mom.

"Jesus in Between" is so effective for many things that you have to try it to believe it.  Please send in testimonies of your experience so they can be posted.  Thanks for partnering with me in this.

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