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How to do healing prayers and prayers for the sick

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1.  Peace to Receive Healing

A flower must open to receive sunlight and grow.  If it refused to open to wind, water and sunlight it would sicken and die.

Imagine in the spirit that we, too, must open up to the healing love light of God to be healthy.  What if, through from tension and anxiety we are closed tight.  What if we do not receive the love light of God's healing streams of life.  We would get sick rather than well.

So pray for the sick that they receive peace, that they relax, that they open up body and spirit to receive the flow of God's streams of healing love light.  Picture them life flowers opening to the sunshine.  They grow and are healthy.

2. Healing Prayer by Intercessory Prayer and Praise

Healing prayer is possible because we are spiritual beings who are created to participate in a spiritual world (as well as a physical world).  Our spiritual being is given by our creator who breathed His life into Adam and he became a living soul.  So we pray with the human spirit.

One capacity of the mature human spirit is to empathize with another - to feel with them.  When we feel with another we come along side them.  We carry some of their 'burden' - that is the pain in their spirit.  This 'burden' can make us sick or enable us to lift up another to health.

If you do not pray then your load has just become heavier.  This way you can become sick.  Pray for another so that you don't become sick and they can become healthier.

Healing Prayer is essential for your spiritual health.  You must either pray or refuse to connect with another and take on their burden.  Compassion wants to connect.  But then we must pray before we become sick. 

Put you prayer into words and then begin to focus on God.  Partake in the Eucharist.  Go to a worship service.  Put on praise music and begin to sing praises.  Continue until the 'burden' lifts and you feel lighter.  We could call this Intercessory Praise.

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