Prayer with the human spirit

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The Bible uses the terms HEART and SPIRIT to refer to our real inner being - to a part of us that is central to the human personality.  While some credit Freud with the 'discovery of the unconscious' the Biblical concepts of HEART and SPIRIT came 3,000 years before Freud in the first five books of the Bible.

The human spirit is introduced in the Biblical account of creation.  God's breath gives life to Adam. In Hebrew, 'wind', 'breath' and 'spirit' are the same word. That spirit gave life and if God should withdraw his spirit we would die.

I am created in the image of God. God is spirit and so am I.  I see, feel things of the spirit with my spirit.  The ability to be supernatural should be considered normal to the human being.  We are all spiritual beings.  My spirit can know things (like a child sensing his mother's emotions and thoughts while in the womb).  My spirit can choose.  My spirit can grow to have empathy.  My spirit communicates with others in ways that go beyond mere words.   

The human spirit is foundation to our identity.  When I form a sentence that "I" refers to my real identity, my inner being, my human spirit.  In trauma I may learn to disconnect from my spirit - disaciate.

Prayer is initiated by God, received by our spirit, communicated to our mind and expressed through our body.  True listening starts in the human spirit.  Our spirit listens to God in humility. 

HUMILITY rather PRIDE is the guiding attitude. That means that we do not control God; we submit to God. Miracles come from God; they are not of our own creation. God's Word is powerful - even God's Word put in our mouth.

Faith of the HEART requires listening to God. In hearing 'God's very word spoken to me,' comes faith. Our spirit is encouraged, our faith lifted, confident assurance comes when heavens word is received in our spirit . We hear an inner word of assurance - and know that it is guaranteed.  We feel or sense an assurance from heaven and all doubt and fear leaves. This assurance - like legal title deed - is a deep HEART knowing that our prayers have been heard.  It is faith.

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