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24 hour Prayer Shield - a daily prayer cycle

24 hour Prayer Shield - a daily prayer cycle is by George Hartwell M.Sc. © 2009 (416) 234-1850 About George - Christian counselor, About George's Professional-practice   )


Soldiers stand guard for a 'watch' of 3 hours.  We can break a 24 hour day into 8 watches.  If we try to pray once during each watch then we need 8 different prayers in a daily prayer cycle.

A prayer shield uses 8 prayers of protection - one for each watch.  Whenever you notice the time say the prayer for the watch.  Once per watch covers the cycle.

At any time during day or night use the prayer for that 'watch.'  A relationship with God takes time and must be done on a daily basis.  Praying frequently allows our relationship with God penetrate and flood our life.


1.  3:00 AM Watch: "I claim the protection of the life blood of Jesus as the seal on the New Covenant, as the price of the Lamb of God given for my redemption, the true sacrifice, His life given for my life.  All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus is Lord!"

2.  6:00 AM Watch: "God is good.  I declare the goodness of God.  God is the source of life and love, health and wealth.  Heavenly Father you are the best.  Open my eyes to see your love, your beauty, your surprises, your wonders this day." 

3.  9:00 AM Watch: "I welcome the Holy Spirit.  I choose to be filled to overflowing with the Life of Spirit.  I welcome the gifts of the Holy Spirit that testify to the Christ within me.  Christ is risen and lives within me!"

4.  12:00 Noon watch: "Our Father who is in heaven, holy be thy name.  I pray for the earth, for God's kingdom to come here on earth Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  I pray for Your presence at my workplace, in my home, my school and my place of worship."

3:00 PM watch:   "I sign myself with the sign of the cross, cover myself with the blood of Jesus and surround myself with God's holy presence so nothing can get through to hurt me in Jesus' name. Amen."

See: Daily Prayer of Protection from Agnes Sanford and How to pray for protection.

The Sign of the cross as protection against curses.  The sign of the cross on your forehead is a reminder that Jesus became a curse on the cross so you could be freed from any curse sent against you.  No curse penetrates the cross that God puts on you which marks you as His own.  use this to claim protection from every curse.

 However, if you feel heaviness or have experienced oppression from curses, wrongful prayers, slander against you or hateful feelings, then add a statement of authority against any curse in a form such as: "In the name of Jesus I cut them off."  See: What is a curse and Protection from Curses.  If you are aware of someone using witchcraft or voddoo against you then use Jesus in Between prayer see: How to break a Curse.

6:00 PM watch: "I choose to enjoy communion with God, fellowship with the Father in the garden, in nature.  I smell the flowers, gaze at the sky, enjoy art and beauty in nature and thank God the Creator of the stars."  Take time to be in the present, unplugged from artificial stimulation (media) and open the eyes of your heart to God in this moment.  Listen.  Write a letter to God.  Make an entry in your Gratitude Book of something you are grateful for.

9:00 PM watch:  "I put the day, my life, my body, my work in your hands, God.  My work is done as onto you and I put it on the altar.   My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  May the Gentle Dove be with me as I lay down to sleep giving me inspiration and ideas to impliment tomorrow."

Use the Put it on the Altar prayer to give to God all that you have done today. This way you look only to God for your reward and affirmation and feel free from wrong responses from others.

12 midnight to 3:00 AM watch: Jesus calls us to pray for those who curse us or despitefully use us.  Release to God your right to get back, get revenge or hurt anyone that has hurt you.  Pray for others that they may receive what is good and true from the Holy Spirit and not be confused or deceived by the devil.  Pray that they would find and walk the path of life and be blessed by being a blessing.

Jesus prayed: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."


Note re curses coming at you:

  Curses don't just go away.  You need to be active not passive.  You want to be active without getting into unsafe prayers.  When sensing that you are under attack from a curse or know it is possible, then use a daily prayer of protection.  For more on this see: Protection from Curses - a Christian Perspective.

For a good daily prayer of protection from curses I suggest: "In Jesus name I cut off any curse coming against me or my loved ones."  (  This is taken from Psalm 118:110 which reflects what David said when confronting Goliath "I come against you in the name of Yahweh (the LORD) Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel." 

Use the "Jesus in Between" prayer for blocking curses, stopping transference of spirits and cutting soul ties.  See: How to break a curse - a Christian Perspective using the Jesus in Between in Prayer Therapy method to remove a curse.

24 hour Prayer Shield - a daily prayer cycle  is by George Hartwell © 2010.

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