A Prayer for Wind, Rain and Weather 

Use this type of prayer on for Weather Emergencies not for selfish motives.

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A Prayer for Wind, Rain and Weather

Jesus demonstrated authority over weather on several occasions when he and his disciples were in a boat on the Sea of Galilee.  His comments indicate expectation that his disciples would have the faith to do the same and disappointment when they displayed unbelief and fear.

It is possible to 'pray for fair weather' but that is not what Jesus did.  Jesus exercised authority over the weather with direct command.  He did not petition God to do it; he used his authority from God to do it.

The miracle of the Red Sea could have been a huge defeat of the children of Israel who had been extracted from Egypt by Moses.  They were trapped between the armed Egyptian armies with horses and chariots and the impassable Red Sea. 

Moses exercised faith by declaring that the people should "stand still and see the salvation of God."  God countermanded that by telling Moses to use the rod (of authority) in his hand. 

In this instance - one of dealing with nature - God did not want a petition or prayer, he wanted his ambassador on the ground in the situation to exercise the authority given to him.  Moses understood and acted by striking the Red Sea with the rod.  This invoked high winds which literally 'parted' the Red Sea so they could cross.

To pray thus - to pray with authority and authorized from heaven - is for those with the anointing, with the presence of God in them, with the enhanced ability to 'hear from heaven.'  This anointing is what made 'the Christ' different  as 'Messiah' means 'The Anointed One.' 

You acknowledge Jesus as The Anointed One and this same Jesus wants you to acknowledge yourself, if you are in Christ, as an anointed one.  You have been filled with God's Spirit to greater fullness so you can hear from God and so you can speak the orders of God as His ambassador on Earth.

So those who would pray with authority by speaking directly to weather systems in your area must be those who have God's light, God's presence and Spirit within.  Then, like Jesus, you will speak gently to the winds to bring in the weather you need. 

In the case of drought or forest fires encourage the winds to bring in enough rain to douse the fires or satisfy the earth.  So not pray with authority about the weather unless there is an emergency or strong unselfish reason to do so.

In one time of prayer with a ranch family in Colorado, Agnes Sanford said: "I explained to the Lord that we really needed rain and asked for it with great assurance.  Then in the name of the Lord I talked to the jet stream.  I advised the jet stream to move over in whatever way was the best way to cause rain in that part of the country.  Then I spole to the wind and said, 'Now swing around and blow from the far sea, bringing a gentle rain to the thirsty fields.  Finally, as an affirmation or statement of faith, we read together Psalm 65. all rejoicing in the rain that was to come.  And it did.  Page 14 of Creation Waits by Agnes Sanford.

In another incident, a great wind was shaking the windows and there seemed to be a danger of the windows breaking in the onslaught.  Without forethought, Agness raised her hand toward the wind and said, "All right, that's enough!  Quiet down!"  The wind, forecast to continue all night, stopped that night at that instant.

Sanford learned a lesson from this, that it is effective, as she says 'far more effective,' to talk directly to sea or sky, wind or storm, than to simply ask God to do this or that.  Like Jesus command of "Peace, be still!" to still the storm. (Mark 4:39).

I can share other stories of this type of prayer in my life.  Agnes Sanford's has stood the test of time on the several occasions when I felt it important to speak to the weather system and call in rain or calm winds. 

A gentle reminder not to bind principalities and powers, just address the weather system.  Do not address or command Satan, speak to the weather.  Do so in faith and do not waver or allow contrary words to be spoken against your faith.  Be bold but avoid arrogance in addressing and commanding angels.

George Hartwell

See also: U. S. General G. Patton circulates a prayer for weather to his troops and the rain clears!

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